Archetypes are a technology that we can apply to finding the truth about our lives and possibilities. They are universal organizing patterns of talents, motivations and behaviors.  They contain a dialogue of how and why we use our energy the way we do.

We reference them constantly, but not always consciously.

  • “Ask Steve, he’s a real Wizard when it comes to things like that.”
  • “Sarah said she is too much of a Princess to go camping with us next weekend.”
  • “David brought me soup when I was sick – he’s such an Angel.”

Sound familiar?  One word can encapsulate so much!   Archetypes are universal and yet each of us can express an archetypal pattern our own way.

Archetypes are the foundations upon which we can develop a deeper personal understanding of our own potential.  What archetypes are at play in your life?

Use the Archetype List  and the many articles about archetypes to find out more about these powerful patterns.

Curious about the origins of archetypal study?