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Tarot, Music, Mental Health & Meh

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Our guest for this episode is Ste McCabe otherwise known as The Tarot Cat.  Ste is a tarot reader, synth-punk musician and counsellor.  He has just published Tarot Makes Music – a limited edition magazine that explores the connections between tarot, music and creativity.  Our conversation ranged from tarot (of course) music, belief, superstition, mental health and those tarot readings that just kinda fall flat and have you saying “Meh”. Become a member of the podcast Patron team. Rewards abound.  Visit More about Ste McCabe aka The Tarot Cat:  The Tarot Cat is...

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DMC and the Angel

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“Everything happens for a reason.” Says Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, who is one third of the pioneering rap group Run DMC and one of the most influential rap artists of all time.  At the age of 35, DMC made a startling discovery and suddenly, everything he thought he knew about himself had changed.  He told his story on stage at a Moth Storytelling event which was aired on the radio and subsequently published as a podcast.  Info on subscribing to the free podcast here. DMC’s story caught my attention because it’s about purpose, destiny and the seemingly small...

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Ok Go! music to get the funk out

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I love coming across wisdom and inspiration in musical form!  Nothing is better than some poignant lyrics accompanied by and infectious groove.  Double the fun with a highly entertaining video. Ok Go, the band that brought us the clever and highly entertaining music video featuring a routine performed on multiple tread mills has done it again.  And with some incredibly inspiring lyrics to boot!  With so much chaos out there I really appreciate the message of letting go and getting on with it. I am really enjoying the new album from Ok Go and have added it to my store. Buy the MP3...

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