About Me

My background is in Art and Technology.  This elegantly translates to an appreciation of beauty, curiosity, communication and a desire to improve the environment in which I live.   For the past 16 years I have been working in the Technology field as a manager, executive and consultant as well as keeping up a career as an artist

I have always been interested in people and the why’s and how’s of what we make of our lives as we live them.  My deep curiosity has lead me to many fascinating places on this planet as well as the study of  philosophy, psychology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, mythology and martial arts.

I’ve been honored to work with many great teachers and noble friends along the way and my dedication to learning still thrives.  Some of the esteemed teachers that I have had the privilege to learn from are Caroline Myss, Ken Wilber, Jim Curtan, Jean Houston, Richard Tarnas, Mario Martinez, Tim Freke, and David Whyte.

I am affiliated with the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, The Integral Institute, TEDxSF and of course the CMED Institute from which I am a graduate.

I am not taking new clients at this time.  However, I am available as a contributing author,  speaker, group leader and wedding officiant. Please do feel free to contact me with any questions. jg@archetypist.com

If you are seeking archetypal guidance, I highly recommend the following colleagues and fellow CMED graduates:

Jim Curtan – Archetypal Counselor and Spiritual Director  (and one of my Mentors)
Desiree Watson – Archetypal Consultant and Coach
Shawn Nygaard – Archetypal Consultant and Astrologer