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Wonder Woman

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Cyndera and Julienne bring their provocative archetypal and tarotic insights into the new film Wonder Woman.  The archetypes in The Priestess, The Sun and the Chariot are at play in the film.   They also discuss how listeners can become a part of the Archetypal Tarot team by signing up to be a patron of the show. Subscribe in iTunes   Treatise on Wonder Woman by Cyndera Quakenbush In an attempt to add a poster of Wonder Woman to my office, a new colleague of mine expressed her reservation to the addition of this image to the office environment,...

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Archetypal America

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I’m happy to announce that a new audio lecture is available from my friend, mentor and fellow Archetypal Counselor, Jim Curtan.   This set of recordings from his workshop for the Minnesota Jung Association last fall is an examination of American Mythology and Archetype.   If you are interested in some of the foundational aspects of the United States of America this audio lecture is for you. Purchase and download the course for $15 Archetypal America by Jim Curtan An examination of American Mythology & Archetype A live lecture recording from the Minnesota Jung Association...

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The Tower: Embracing the Grace of Change (podcast)

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Subscribe in iTunes Tell us what you thought of the show on Facebook or Twitter @TarotPodcast ! This month Julienne is in conversation with Archetypal Counselor, Spiritual Director and film buff,  Jim Curtan.  Jim and Julienne discuss some of their favorite topics – Archetypes and Movies.  The focus on the Tower card in particular and the many aspects of change that it symbolizes.  They discuss the good, the bad, the scary and as well as the grace that change can bring when we fully allow ourselves to grieve the loss of the past and dive into what the change brings us.   They...

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Woo-woo and Superstition (Podcast)

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Quickie Edition of the Archetypal Tarot Podcast! (Quickie Editions are 30 mins or less) Subscribe in iTunes   The Woo-Woo Episode – taking on Superstition Julienne and Cyndera are back to the closet (aka Archetypal Tarot’s secret headquarters) for an in-depth discussion on superstition and all-around “woo-woo,” which the urban dictionary defines as “unfounded or ludicrous beliefs.”  After using these terms in a few podcasts, they received an email from a listener asking just why they are so down on anything ‘woo-woo’ or superstitious. Always...

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Embracing the Grace of Change

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“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver I am so very excited to present this new Archetypes & a Movie course to you! The third edition of Archetypes & a Movie examines what happens when our old story has reached the end of it’s shelf life and how we can embrace the grace that change brings us. Using the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel as contemplation on the choices and opportunities that lead us to an unexpected next chapter of our lives. This self guided workshop is comprised of lecture and commentary on the film plus...

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