What I do

I help people recognize, activate and steady their true gifts and talents.  I also provide insight and ways to work with patterns we get stuck in from time to time.

I combine over 10 years experience in building and managing teams with deep knowledge of archetypal patterns to provide professional consulting for individuals and businesses. Recognizing  archetypal patterns to enable you to uncover your unique strengths and work more effectively with your challenges.

Archetypal patterns can be observed at play in our lives all of the time, and when recognized are instructive for clarity and decision-making.  They contain both a greater possibility and a pathology both of which are rich with information my clients can use in their every day lives as well as guidance for identifying what is personally and professionally fulfilling for them.

For Example

A client is struggling with negotiating the changes going on at work. I work with the client to discover what possible archetypal patterns are at play. Once we identify the archetype(s) we discuss possible next steps and some exercises for getting into action and making a positive change.

The key is not only discovering the archetypal pattern, but what actions are being illuminated for the next step by it.  This allows you to get a higher perspective but also some practical ideas on how to move forward.

I teach clients how to look at their lives using archetypes so that they can re-frame their experiences in a way that empowers and liberates, rather than paralyzes and limits.

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