Here are some specific definitions to some of the terms that I use on this site and in my practice.

Archetype: While the term archetype can refer to timeless patterns such as birth and death I use the term here on a more personal/psychological level as a universally recognized pattern of behavior; a symbolic representation of a specific relationship to power.

Archetypal Compass: An archetypal compass charts the major influences, gifts and challenges of your 12 core archetypes. The archetypal compass is also called a Chart of Origin.  Each of your 12 primary archetypes has a home base or house that it has notable influence on. There are 12 major sections of the map: Personality, Values,  Self-Expression, Home, Creativity, Occupation & Health, Relationships, Money, Spirituality, Highest Potential, Relationship to the World and the Unconscious.  The houses or sections are based on ancient astrological maps.

Psyche: There are several definitions of the term psyche, but in my practice I use the term as Carl Jung did to mean the totality of the self including all psychic processes, conscious as well as unconscious.

Light/Shadow: The term Light in reference to an archetype means a known, positive or empowering state.  When the term Shadow is used describe an unacknowledged, negative or dis-empowering state.  Every archetype has both  Light and Shadow manifestations.

Survival Archetypes: The four archetypes that are universal and common to everyone.  These are Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur.  Articles about the four survival archetypes are here.

Symbolic (adjective): The use of symbols to suggest something else by reason of relationship, association, convention : a visible sign of something invisible <the lion is a symbol of courage>