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Questions and Answers about Archetypes and Archetypal Consulting
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Q: What is the purpose of an Archetypal Compass?
A: Simply put, the work we do to create your archetypal compass helps create a more durable vision of your life’s purpose. As you begin to work with your compass, you may see how each of your archetypes interconnects with the others. Memories of one part of your life may link an apparent coincidence today with a movie you saw two years ago, and connect them both to a creative idea that popped into your head while chatting with a friend.

Even though you may not always see how the people and events in your life are linked to each other and to you, your compass provides you with a framework to plot the points of interaction between them. This helps you to “connect the dots” and form a clearer picture of what is happening in your life.

The compass is intended to make the symbolic information from the archetypes you have chosen more accessible to you. Your archetypes become even more significant when you see them at work in the areas that signify twelve major aspects of your life experience. The compass helps you decode these behind-the-scenes patterns of your life. It shows you your experiences and relationships filled with opportunities for personal transformation.

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Q: Is Archetypal Consulting like psychotherapy?
A: While the work done in uncovering your archetypes can have therapeutic effect it is not psychotherapy.  I provide information and exercises related to a specific modality of archetypal study.  If you are currently under the care of a therapist or licensed mental health practitioner, please consult with them first.  Likewise if you are seeking therapy, consult a local directory of licensed therapists in your area.  The California Institute of Integral Studies has reputable and affordable counseling centers in the Bay Area.

Q: Why the motto “I help people use their powers for good and not evil.”?
A: I didn’t intend on coming up with a motto per-say but when I was asked what it was that I did, that line just came up.  It’s simple, funny and gets to the essence of what I do.  It implies that we all have power and we can use that power for good or not so good.  The word evil is a bit strong but con-notates something of the hero/superhero, which I believe we all have within us.