How archetype savvy are you?

I often use movie and television references in my consultations.  They are one of the best ways to really see archetypal patterns in action.  We all have an instinctual sense of archetypes and can usually spot them pretty quickly – especially when they are on screen.

To make my point I have set up a handful of polls asking you to cast various actors into roles based on archetypes.  You could say that there are no wrong answers – since it’s a poll but,  I’m betting that the majority of respondents are going to choose the most appropriate actor for the archetypal role.  If I am wrong, well then I lose the bet with one of my clients and I will be having roasted wool hat for dinner one of these nights.

Imagine that you are the director and select the most appropriate actor for the role, based on your archetypal gut feeling*. Come back and check in to see how the polls are going and to see if I will have to eat my hat.
*Disclaimer: This is not to say that some of these actors could not play some of these roles, but to point out that certain archetypes are natural to them.
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