Who you are + What you do = Success!

Archetypal patterns influence everything we do.  Which archetypes describe you?  Leader, Free Spirit, Gambler, Rebel, Damsel, Angel, Queen, Father, Optimist. . .?  Discovering your own set of archetypes will make lasting changes to your job, your relationships and goals.  Click here to see how my clients are reporting new found courage and success in their lives.

Take a moment to consider the following questions as a primer for how Archetypes can have differing effects on situations.

  • Would you say that there is a difference between the way a Queen or an Artist would handle a problem at work?
  • If you knew that your self-expression was primarily influenced by a Teacher archetype, would knowing that impact your choices in dealing with your relationships?
  • Would becoming aware of some of your deepest challenges help you overcome them?

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“Julienne has been invaluable in putting the pieces together and making this ancient science a commodity in today’s market.” ~Val H., Client

Julienne Givot
Certified Archetypal Consultant
San Francisco, CA