Archetype Image Gallery

Below are a selection of image collages for various archetypes.   I created most of these during a year long archetypal study and transformation process.  The images are mainly from searches conducted on Flikr and Google but a few are from my own collection.  I selected the images based on my personal impression of the archetype and as such, many of the images are more on the feminine side (e.g. the Warrior collage contains photos of women etc.).  Examples of both shadow and light aspects of the archetype are included.

It is my hope that reviewing these images will be helpful to you and I encourage you to create your own collages of archetypes that you are working with.   Email me if you want specific instructions on creating an archetype collage.

NOTE:  When you click on an image it will bring you to a page with the full size picture. Click on the link above the image that says Protected: Archetype Image Gallery to return to the main gallery page or click the thumbnail in the lower right for the next image .