My clients are a diverse group of men and women from all over the United States, Canada and the UK.  I work with CEOs, Managers, Healing Professionals, Small Business Owners, Graduate Students and Artists with an age range from mid-twenties to early seventies.  I love working with this diverse group of people and truly enjoy assisting them in living a more robust, purposeful and empowered life.

I started looking at the Archetype technology with skepticism, I must admit. Basically the “How can this really help me” question that you may have had as well. With Julienne’s gentle guidance and thorough knowledge, I had the opportunity to begin to understand some of the fundamental archetypes in my life, where they show up, and how I can mindfully begin to use them to my benefit. Intrigued? Give Julienne a call, I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you discover.
~Jeremi M., SF Relationship Coaching

“Julienne knows her stuff and shares it with generosity and a good dose of intuition. Working with her to discover the archetypes at play for me, I found solutions to some of my most frustrating creative and day-to-day challenges.
~ Kristy L., Editor/Writing Coach

“Julienne has helped me discover how archetypes – powerful patterns – are present not only as sources of intrigue and inspiration on an intellectual level, but as forces that influence my decisions in everyday life. With refreshing boldness, intelligence and humor, Julienne has helped me to recognize these patterns with gentle acknowledgment and compassion. The realizations I’ve made helped me to find courage and worth in my developing career. I look forward to the ongoing discoveries I will make as Julienne’s client!”
~Cyndera Q., MA Counseling Psychology & Owner of Imaginal Stone

“One big thing that has changed since I started working with archetypes is kind of funny; I seem to take a lot less crap from people. But seriously it’s been life changing in the best possible way.  Julienne rocks! “
~ Chad B., Composer / Associate Director of a Non-Profit

“I highly recommend working with Julienne.   Learning how to recognize archetypal patterns and work with them has created a new found clarity and understanding that I use every day.”
~Renee C., LAc and Owner of Blossoming Lotus Acupuncture

“Julienne has the unique ability to teach logical and symbolic  thinking patterns.  As an employer, it is necessary to relate to employees through a lens that makes sense to them.  By adding the language of archetypes and evaluating my behaviors through  symbolic meaning, I have been able to add another tool to working with myself and with other people. Julienne has been invaluable in putting the pieces together and making this ancient science a commodity in today’s market.”
~Val H., Business Owner & Executive Director of a non-profit

“Julienne opened a new frontier for me. Her archetypal expertise is truly amazing.  By looking at my archetypes I have learned about myself on an entirely new level. I am now able to step back for an overview without judgment, sometimes even laughing at one aspect or another when I used to admonish myself instead.  Julienne is patient, loving and kept me on task when I would wander onto other tangents. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to point out an archetype I didn’t even know existed. One that combined 3 or 4 different archetypes that I was exhibiting into one. I can’t say enough about Julienne and the amazing archetypal path that she has led me down. And it continues to unfold before me as I watch the process in amazement.”
~Kimberly H., Business Owner and Media Producer for Green Living TV