Archetype attraction pt 3: Shared Archetypes

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In part 2 of this series, I wrote about the ways of Romantic Archetypal Attraction where people are drawn together by the complimentary needs and attributes of their archetypes.   Equally important is the kind of an attraction to someone because of shared qualities.  If you are interested in seeing how archetypes can help you select better dates, then taking a look at how Shared Archetypal Attraction works will help.

Meeting someone with one or more of the same archetypes can mean near instant bonding as well as  attraction. I think of this as a kind of friend chemistry, which when it comes to dating can be really important especially if you are looking for a long term relationship.  Friend chemistry doesn’t mean it’s without romantic spark however, just that it doesn’t require it.

You probably share quite a few archetypes with your friends – it’s one of the main ways people bond.  Social groups and even companies stick together based on archetypal patterns.  The archetypes of a group tend to form the goals and not the other way around.

Take a moment to think about your group of friends.  How are you bonded together?  Is it through the shared experience of working or sharing activities together?  Do you have similar values and tastes?  Which archetypes do you share?  (here’s a list of some as a refresher). Now as you are interacting with people, possible dates or even looking through online dating profiles, what archetypes are you looking for?

Below are some examples of shared experiences and some of the possible shared archetypes:

  • Being outdoors, hiking, biking, kayaking, bird watching, camping, working with animals:  Nature Child, Adventurer, Athlete, Explorer
  • Trying out new restaurants, cuisines, going to a spa, getting a massage, a mani-pedi, cooking a gourmet meal together:  Hedonist, Gourmet (Foodie), God/Goddess (think Venus and Bacchus), Lover, Prince/Princess
  • Going to concerts, museums, galleries, attending lectures on creativity, art.  Touring a city by going to look at all of the neighborhood murals:  Artist, Creator, Dreamer, Lover, Poet
  • Pulling practical jokes, writing or performing comedy skits, telling jokes, goofing around, going to comedy shows, doing impersonations, telling funny stories:  Clown, Fool, Trickster, Entertainer, Storyteller, Magical or Eternal Child (Peter Pan)
  • Book clubs, study groups, classes and workshops:  Student, Seeker, Detective, Teacher, Guide
  • Volunteering, political rallies, fund raisers:  Servant, Advocate, Activist, Philanthropist, Rebel,  Revolutionary, Liberator

Sharing an archetype means you just naturally ‘get’ what you share with each other.  There is generally little need to explain or cajole the other into an activity or discussion as it pertains to your shared archetype.

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