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The ingredients for a resilient, empowered and purposeful life are within you.  That knowledge is at the heart of my practice and my vocation is to provide the tools and guidance to not only learn more about the wonderful person that is you, but to live more fully by discovering your own powerful resources.

Nearly every client I speak with and those I meet when I’m out and about, all share a feeling that they are being called to  live their lives more fully and use their resources for something greater than before.

It’s no wonder that we are feeling this way.  We see the word ‘chaos’ being used so often across all forms of communication to describe our world’s condition.  The word ‘chaos’ is Latin for ‘void’ although it gets used more often to mean  ‘unpredictable’.  The idea of a void can often seem frightening – that anything can happen.   To quote Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “Anything can happen, and quite frequently does.”  That, I believe is the grace in chaos, unprecedented activity of change opens immense doors of opportunity.  Those who are able to embrace that change will excel in these chaotic times.

People from all walks of life are being called to learn more deeply about themselves using whatever means  – music, art, gardening, academia, spiritual studies, myths and of course archetypes.   Some people decide to put off their learning because they say their life is too chaotic and that they will look into it again when things have calmed down.  There is the notion that self-knowledge is something extra and not necessary to work with our changing times.  It’s really quite the opposite!  Every chaotic action or unexpected change is a call to look more deeply into ourselves for the power to proceed and above all, to be creative. The more you know of yourself and what incredible things that you are capable of, the more resilient you will be when changes happen.   The more you uncover your own unique strength and beauty, the more you will tread on purposeful ground, be it at the grocery store buying  food, in a meeting at work or deciding what to do next.

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