The Child Archetype

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Simply said, we all have had a childhood and a part of us remains a child throughout our lives.  Eight or Eighty we are all still capable of playing wild and free, throwing tantrums, hiding from grown-ups (authority), believing that anything can happen or just being silly for the sake of doing so.

“We are every age that we have ever been.”
~Madeline L’Engle

The Child archetype resides in us all and is the first that we come to know.   The Child archetype is sometimes called the guardian of innocence and it represents our beginning point.  This archetype sets up our earliest perceptions of life, safety, loyalty and family.   The heart of the Child archetype is one of dependency and responsibility.  Addressing the Child archetype within can awaken a new relationship with life, a new start.

There are many aspects of the Child archetype each with their own set of specific expressions. While we can carry expressions of all of these aspects, one will usually be dominant in our childhood as well as our later life.  Which aspect best describes your experience of the Child archetype? Review the list below along with descriptions on the following pages.

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